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Please do not insult us by calling us canadians, we are Albertans

We buy farmland, please contact us. At present we are looking for about 200 acres in North Carolina.

We are hiring, see "Careers" page.

We are developing specilized equipment for no till organic farming, see "combine hot rod shop" page. 

We are patriotic 4th generation + Alberta citizens, we must leave the lawless communist country of canada with its corrupt government. Taxes are added and increase every year in canada. See Alberta Separation page.

See Jacobs Organics for no till organic production methods. Chemical farming is destroying soil and human health. The above picture is of industrial chemical farming, it is destroying our way of life while making chemical/grain/fertilizer/machine companies rich. We are converting to organic however chemical farming is a hard hole to get out of. High pressure lies were fed to us for the last 40 years.

Organic and chemical grain is for sale, see "combine hot rod shop page" then "grain for sale"

Pictures of Top Alcohol Funny car and links to U-tube videos towards the bottom.

 We are PROUD and HAPPY to be farmers. We are a family farm, our family has been farming for generations dating back to at least the 1800s in Germany. Members from our community/extended family fought in many wars including WW1,WW2 and the American civil war. Great grandfather came from Minnesota. We will continue to farm for generations if we do not get too much "HELP" from the government. There is no better way to starve the general population than to let civil serpants run farms. We pay millions in tax and get thousands back. Tax recently increased thru the capital gains tax which is basically a tax on farmland inflation. The money is to be used for housing for non-producive immigrants. Government subsidies are designed to keep the price of grain low. ALL politicians (virtue signalling fools) want low grain prices, various policies are designed to keep grain prices so low that 10% of farmers are pushed out each decade. We refer to government workers as civil servants, however most of them think of themselves as masters with unchecked power. We fear the government of canada more that any other threat in our lives, and all free Albertans should.

We do not seem to have the right to breathe, incompetence is why fires burn. The climate change argument is irrelevant, if a forest fire starts it must be put out. But our useless governments cannot seem to get the job done. Smoke is brutal here in the summer. The smoke comes from the communist province next to Alberta which is 200 to 500 miles away. Very rarely does grain stubble catch fire, if it does, collectively us farmers working with the local fire department put the fire out. 

We are implementing a few processes to change us from price takers to price setters. We must somehow come up with excess of 20 million in land inflation tax, therefore we have to increase prices or go broke.These are generating electricity from bio-mass and putting it on the grid at peak demand/highest price times. Burning organic bio fuel in no till equipment used for organic farming. In order to stay in business we must market our grain at a profit, if buyers do not want to give us a fair price for our grain we burn it. This will give us long term sustainability without fossil fuel. I (Keith Jacobs) have nothing against fossil fuel, I worked in the oil industry in many countries for 42 years, ending as a wellsite supervisor. Problem with fossil fuel is that not much is left. MSM is lying again. The entire world is getting out of the oil business even as oil consumption increases, no more than 25% of consumption is replaced with new finds. I recently read a article stating that investment in fossil fuel should end, 20 billion barrels had been discovered since 2021, the author thought that was terrible. Fact is the world consumes 102 million BBLs per day so in a year 37 billion BBLs. We will not stop using oil voluntarily, we will run out. The electrification lie (huge taxes) is greater than the covid lie and it may be the straw that collapses the fragile world economy.

Farmers in Europe complain of high petroleum deisel prices and low rapeseed prices, they are used to government handouts and government control. Solution is simple, burn bio-deisel made from rapeseed in their equipment. On this farm we will not buy a peice of equipment that cannot burn 100% biofuel. We will not buy a peice of equipment unless the sofware is sold to us, that includes diagnostic equipment. So we do not buy much new equipment. Unlike most farms we OWN all our equipment and land. 

As we beleive in freedom, determining ones personal destiny, equality of opportunity not equality of outcome, the Judo-christian culture and democratic capitalism we are not very popular with the government of canada. We try to avoid the woke welfare state but it encroaches upon us. Just as our ancestors left Germany about 200 years ago we now want to leave canada thru Alberta separation. Only people supporting liberals are allowed to immigrate. New africa (canada) will be just like old africa. Indians illegally block railways causing huge economic damage in western canada, that is okay as they vote liberal. The war measures act is used against legal protests because the protesters do not support liberal policies. Even a inquiry done with liberal cronies says the war measures act should NOT have been implemented! There is NOT ONE elected liberal from the entire province of Alberta, Alberta is actually a colony of canada. Rule of common law is not applied in canada. Our farm equipment is stolen, bank accounts have to be changed as bogus cheques are common. The RCMP are liberal puppets enforcing corrupt leaders social engineering. Every day another tax is intruduced or increased.

A recent quote from the UNELECTED senate and they are useless appointed liberal cronies, "More competition needed in canada to fight inflation long term, senate report finds". These people are unbeleivably stupid. Wokeism IS communism/socialism which by definition does not belive in capitalist competition. Wokeism is the enemy of my culture, the two cannot co-exist. If my super productive Judo-Christian culture is destroyed hyper inflation will result. Few even know what the acronym NAZI means, National Socialist Germans Workers Party. A society without borders (liberal goal) cannot be a welfare state or economic immigrants quickly bankrupt it. Immigrants must have some skills, that is not the case now, our farm is starved for mechanically inclined workers, there are NONE. See careers. We could produce more but we lack skilled workers. Canada is bringing in a million immigrants per year, very, very few of these people will ever work at a productive job. This is not sustainable and will cause hyper-inflation. Many of the immigrants expected to get handouts and to be the elites of society. As canada crumbles under the weight of socialism/communism and liberal corruption it will be survival of the fittest, most rugged mechanically inclined people. Not a place for "soft touch" people. 

True dope is a corrupt dictator. He inherited about 10 million from his corrupt father and probably has 1/2 billion now. Liberals do not care about corruption as it benifits them. That statement probably gets this website shut down under the proposed "hate laws" being passed by the corrupt dictator. Anything conservative is hate! Anything lberal/woke is promoted by government paid (at least 2 billion/year) for CBC and CTV. THERE IS A NEWS CHANNEL OUT OF INDIA called "Vantage" that shows world events, it shows a very negative veiw of true dope and the diaper head that keep him in power. The diaper head (India has nothing good to say about him) was actually born a Indian citizen, comes to canada and promotes the communist NDP party. Free speech will be made illegal. 

Democratic capitalism is the only system that promotes freedom. Crony capitalism is just another form of socialism/communism. I hear terms like "financial products", just another socialist sprewing lies. I produce a product (grain) the banking system produces NOTHING. Toronto and new york city produce NOTHING they just schuffle dishonest stupid financial ideas around. The litmus test for claiming to be a capitalist is, "does one loose their wealth if the company they manage goes broke"? I would as would most small company management!  For most large companies the answer is no, Cargil, BASF, Phizer, Shell, GM, Chysler, Harley Davidson and many others suck up taxpayer wealth, but when bailed out because of the stupidity of their own greed/ideas, this same management walks away wealthy. Leaman Bros being the ultimate example. Surely in a real capitalist country a method of taking back that wealth and giving it back to shareholders/employees can be made into law. In my oilfeild career I have sat beside Vice Presidents and Presidents of large oil companies, they must have knowledge of something, but to me they lived in a world of pure fantasy. CRONY CAPITALISM WILL BRING DOWN THIS SOCIETY, IT MUST BE STOPPED. Most large companies are crony capitalists, buying off government agencies (they are called lobbyists). Microsoft is a monopoly why is it not broken up? We need 1/10 the number of civil servants, the remaining must be honest/competent. There were many government agencies tasked with a watchdog role before the  2008 financial crisis, most were in the pockets of crony capitalists. It is incredible that the crony capitalists that ran Nazi germany, run the modern day banking system. Stolen gold/assets from occupied countries financed the socialist workers party paradise, thru US and Swiss bankers. Our universities are ran by lefty monkeys, they claim to produce something of benifit, the medical system and education system provide nothing to us, what product was ever developed in a university?

A company cannot actually be taxed, the tax is actually on its owners, employees or customers. In crony capitalism companies such as Amazon are given tax breaks but the liitle business on main street must pay tax. The entire electrification lie is based on taxing productive companies and subsidizing non productive ones. We have nothing against electrification, the subsidies are distorting the marketplace and will cost tax payers trillions. All electrification subsidies must be stopped, if electrification can pull its own weight it can exist.

The Jews have become the bankers of the world for a reason, Christianity forbade the charging of interest when borrowing money, in other words risk cannot be monitized. ALL REAL CAPITALISTS understand risk. If you want to stop a economy dead, stop credit or in other words set the intrest rate at zero. A economy with a zero or negative interest rate is suffering from the socialist disease. That is what christianity did a a long time ago. Communists/socialists instantly stop credit when they take over and butcher the Jews. Why? Because the parasite communists/socialists produce nothing, to stay alive they have to steal. Now since most people resist having their wealth taken the parasites must kill the productive, this is amplified on the people controlling capital and extending credit. This is something most union fools conveinently overlook, communists promise a upper middle class life to the lazy, truth is they become canon fodder. Be it NAZI germany, Soviet russia, or Communist china. Small farmers like my ancestors in Soviet russia have their land taken and are sent to the gulags to be worked to death. We are christians, we welcome jews. We do not welcome butchers. We have a very negative veiw of most organized religions which are really about money, this farm openly states that we must make a profit to survive and continue to produce grain/food, most organized religions promise a place in heaven in exchange for money, they produce nothing. Many a life has been taken as a result of religion. God cares that a person is a honest productive person, not which church gets money.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Please no calls from outside professional website builders. We do not want or need a "artsy" look. What you see is a honest website built by a funtioning grain farm. English, grammar and spelling on this website is terrible, however the business thrives and is growing quickly. Books by lefty authors such as David Frum and Kurt Andersen have correct grammar however they are unhooked from reality. These authors are quite dangerous as the sheep will drink the coolaid. NO SHEEP ON THIS FARM.

Collectively parasite politicians have gave us the name "deplorables", we are the productive people who make our high standard of living possible. If you are not one of us stop eating and burning fossil fuel, we do not need your input. The money we earn belongs to us, we are not slaves, it is the duty of any slave to fight to the death for freedom, if all did that there would be no slaves. We will spend our money as we see fit, tax is theft. The high standard of living everyone seems to think they are entitled to is being destroyed by communism, sadly now it is a race to the bottom with the greatest atrocity being government paid media producing lies aimed at destroying our founding culture. Stalin killed most of my mothers ancestors who were Roman Catholic Germans invited to farm in Russia, he would be proud of communist canada. A book called the Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn documemts the slaughter, Russians would later starve and be slaughtered by the Nazis. Communists promised the workers a paradise, but once in power 10 million russians were slaughtered and starved to death, now it happens again in canada, the stupid people just cannot see thru the communist lie. One must suspect that too many chemicals in the food supply have caused diminished mental capacity. How else could obiden and true dope get elected. There were elections in communist russia just as there are meaningless elections in communist canada, everyone on the ticket promotes some form of wealth re-distrubution (socialism/communism).

Will history repeat itself? The communist government of canada will not leave us alone, we hear the government is going to protect us, from who? We need protection from communist canada. The sheep are lapping up all the government propaganda lies in media and now have a sense of "entitlement" and they are willing to work with communist canada to destroy freedom. The incredibly evil main stream media MOST of which is government paid propaganda controls the sheep. If we are allowed to keep our money we can provide any necessity to our families better than useless civil serpents can, our education system produces politically correct social justice warriors with no work ethnic and bad drug problems. Our health care system is so self centered that it cannot understand that production must continue even with covid, it has never had to produce to exist. The covid lie is used to take our freedom, a book "Guns Germs & Steel" by Jared Diamond should be read, most whites are immune to the virus, no worse than a virus caused cold. Our ancestors lived in the same building as animals, the genetic material that could not survive a virus was eliminated with a very high death rate. Same with infections which were common as we were always in hand to hand combat during centries of war. Very few of us were vacinated, almost 3 years later no one had symtoms worse than a common cold. Cancer kills us yet it gets little attention, it cannot be manipulated to take our freedom.

About 75 years ago WW2 ended, at that time there was a birth boom, with a life expectancy of 75 years one would expect a death boom now. However since the founding culture that fought WW2 is being replaced by immigrants the effect is muted. 

Our greatest fear is that the communist government of canada "helps us". In that case we are doomed, our culture and our way of life will systematically be destoyed in order for communists to gain power.  Hopefully Alberta can seperate from communist canada, if not we have 3 options, slavery, civil war or suicide. Slavery is not a option for me. The covid lie enables the communists to do a trial run taking civil freedom away, they can test the gulags a bit. South Dakota amoung other places did NOTHING, it has a herd immunity curve. Lockdowns destroyed the economy and gave the virus the chance to mutate. Does our military not have heath care capacity? Now that the covid lie is 3 years old a reality check is possible. Count the graves from 2019 and earlier then compare to 2020 and 2021 graves, there is no difference in my communities. We are the founding white culture and are mostly immune to covid, in 2023 we know this to be true, NONE of my family has died of covid, most were not vacinated. Covid does kill but over a decade more will die of cancer, car accidents and lockdown malice than covid. There is a UTube video all should see called "Mass Psychosis  How an entire population becomes mentally ill". One technique is a wave of panic followed by calm, same as the re-occuring covid case peaks. I have a 99.999% chance of dying of cancer (everyone in the family does) and a .00001% chance of dying of covid, I fear neither. The worthless communist government/medical establishment ignores cancer as it does not have the panic effect.

The market is sending a signal to increase production in the form of price increases, governments print money and tell the workers to stay home. INFLATION!!  This will not end well for the sheep, do not be one of them. Of course in soviet russia all were equal with the communists being just a bit more equal, communist party members drove luxury cars and lived in nice houses, once in power the communists did not need the sheep, if they complained, off to the gulag. The definition of inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. We have the government printing money, sending it to workers being told to stay home and produce nothing. This old comment is left from 2021, inflation is now the big problem. Irony is russia ignored covid and is now increasing productivity by allowing capitalism.

Inflation is too much money chasing too few goods, raising interest rates will give a short term fake punch to inflation. It will begin to kill the consumer economy, think a city house value at 1/2. 95% of the population produces nothing and the government keeps printing and borrowing money. Huge cities such as toronto, new york produce almost nothing, money is just moved around to give a illusion of production. In 1981 interest rates went to 18%, that supposedly stopped inflation, not true. Three things actually stopped inflation. Worker wages could not increase in North America as production was sent to China and sisters. The artificial oil shortage of the 1973 oil embargo enabled 4000 drilling rigs on vertical wells by 1979, by 81 the world was flooded with oilwells that produce for 40 years. The green revolution in farming caused excessive grain production, prices tanked. This has all changed by 2023. Wages must be increased to find skilled workers. The world is producing oil at full capacity, US production is coming from expensive wells that last 3 years. Farm production is declining as the soil becomes acidic from too much chemical fertilizer and the herbicides loose effectiveness, organic farming with 1/2 the yeild is more profitable. In short after a initial decline in inflation it will spike up again as production will decline faster than consumption. The welfare state will continue to print money and discourage production for political reasons. When elections are close the propaganda machine will claim inflation to be tamed and intrest rates dropped. Once the elections are over hyper inflation takes over. In the history of mankind there has never been a fiat currency that did not become worthless mirroring the lefty politicians. 

The green revolution is over, grain yeilds are decreasing as the chemicals become ineffective and destroy the soil. Since the green revolution was based on fossil fuel consumption expect mass starvation within 20 years, probably 4 billion people. In the last few years grain consumption has became greater than grain production, at present countries are releasing reserves in a futile attempt to make demand and supply match. We will go to organic production with farm equipment burning bio fuel, at that time starvation induced war will be necessary to determine who gets to eat. Starvation will probably be made worse as governments decide they should steal our fams and have civil serpents run them. Think 1950's Soviet Union.

Energy production is getting very low. Government subsidies to liberal buddies to build wind turbines and solar panels will cause energy prices to skyrocket. The windmills and solar panels are built with fossil fuel and rarely return enough energy during their life to justify the fossil fuel energy required to build them. Electrifcation is INFLATION!! Wind turbines and solar panels need very complex infrastructure. The law of diminishing returns says all the complecity will not be economicaly viable. This farm could install a 6 million dollar wind turbine on land that we own, however even with huge subsidies there is no return. Oil companies would stop drilling wells instantly if electrification was viable. Electrification is designed to fill the pockets of liberal cronies and cover up dwidling oil reserves. Long before "climate change" causes much trouble lack of oil will cause mass starvation. See Rystad (which is a Norwegian based energy consulting company) energy numbers for oil reserves.

The Ukraine/Russian war has nothing to do with military conflict, however sadly to keep up the illusion people are being killed. The real reason is to end the power of the US dollar, stupid obiden is losing the game. Russia WANTS economic santions, it will now form a partnership with China. The war is actually a proxy war for the US and China. China knows the US military is woke, it is highly unlikely it will do anything. So a new trading block is forming Russia/China/India and if China has its way its currency becomes the world standard. Russia sends oil to India/China. China sends manufactured goods to Russia. India sends cheap IT to Russia. Russian economy contrary to what paid off MSM says will gear up by producing war goods initially, then consumer goods. Alberta is much like Russia, we sell cheap oil/grain, the price is held down by cental canada politicians, that is why Alberta must seperate from Canada. Any politican that claims to want to help farmers is a liar, they want cheap grain, subsidies are designed to keep farmers as dumb peasants. 80% of grain is sold within 10% of the lowest yearly price!! Russia must seperate from the US currency, if it can all its products rise in value. Average wage in Russia is 700 USD, if Russia can get rid of the USD part its power rises. The US will see the change through high inflation.

Many will say, look how much government support there is for solar/wind all these people cannot be wrong. The same people bring us war after war, covid, economic chaos etc. Fact is there is no consequence to the elites being wrong. If all the energy of this society was directed to space exploration we might have something. Many would die, but 4 billion will die of starvation/war anyway.  Trillions would be spent, yes but 1.1 trillion will be spent on electrification fantasy this year alone, hundreds of trillions will be spent on WW3, starving people have to fight. Enviromentalists are almost always the enimies of science, liberals use the term to force the opposite, there was no science applied to covid, pure propaganda. Huge rewards like finding alternate planets to live on are possible, mankind could barely get in the air in 1914, by 1944 jet airplanes existed. After we spend hundreds of trillions and kill billions in WW3 the technology for space travel will exist. Some of this technology will be radiation survival after we detonate thousands of nuclear bombs, humanity has already detonated at least 500 during testing so another 5000 will not end humanity. Smart military strategy would be to get a space race going. Some very smart people such as Steven Hawking have said humanity could be wiped out by a solar flare, a asteroid or a series of volcanic erruptions. Ask yourself, where does the defeatist attitude come from, same people who claim government subsidized wind turbines/solar panels will save humanity.

Now we do have viable alternatives to fossil fuel, on this farm we are preparing without government subsidies. Renewable electricity will be produced by burning unwanted bio mass in a boiler powering a steam turbine, excess power will be put on the grid. Bio fuels produced with conventional farming methods have a fossil fuel input from fertilizer and chemicals. We intend to produce true fossil fuel free ethanol and bio-deisel from organic grain. We are well on our way without 1 dime of dirty, polluting government subsidies. Geothermal power from deep wells is in the future. Depth for the wells needed varies by area, in this area 2 wells drilled to 4000 m (each well cheaper than a wind turbine) about 1 mile apart will produce steam into a turbine. Water into 1 well, steam out of the other, both wells in farmers yards, not destroying good farmland like solar/wind instalations. We have orphaned wells on our land, it will cost trillions to clean up the junk left by wind turbines and solar panels. In contrast a thermal well is easily abandoned using same method as a oil well. The heat in the centre of the earth is caused by the gravity of the solar system, thermal wells will last 100's of years, just like in normal oilwells tubing inside the casing takes the wear and tear. There are oilwells over 100 years old.

People say "my electric car is great and so enviromentally freindly". I say compared to what? Electric cars drive on roads made of ashphalt/cement. They pay no road tax like a ICE vehicle where tax is built into the fuel price. They are actually burning coal/natural gas for the most part. They are made with steel/aluminuim/copper/lithium mined and made with fossil fuel. The mines are huge strip mines in foreign countries using questionable labor practices.  Crashing a electric car may short out the battery pack resulting in a instantaneous explosion, like a 3 million amp welder, gasoline cars only explode in Hollywood! Tires could be made from vegetable oil but at present they are made from fossil fuel. None of the electric wonders are even 10 years old yet, batteries probably need to be replaced after 5 years, at 10 years old they are probably worthless.    

Our team is Jason Candlish, Ty Jacobs and Keith Jacobs, we are a family farm. Communist canada is now increasing capital gains tax on land transfer between generations in a attempt to kill the family farm, Stalin would be proud. Mike Mickla owns Jacobs Organics Limited which is a Wyoming based company.


We were racing in Gainsville Florida when the Covid panic was started by evil main stream media. Then suddenly a approved vacine became available, the long approval process was somehow not needed. About May 15 large amounts of the vacine became available and between May 15th and Sept 15 2021 about 75% of Albertans were vacinated. Below is data from our own government showing the vacine does nothing positive. Note the area under the last 2 peaks is the same as the area under the first 2 peaks. The area under the curve represents cases (basic calculus). This will continue FOREVER. One can extrapolate to guess when the next variant shows up.There are many reports of damage done by the vacine. So why is the vacine being forced on the general population? As of 2023 China had locked down for 3 years, during that time I am sure they tried vacines and concluded they did not work. Crony capitalist Phizer knew it did nothing, well except make evil people like Bill gates and Justin true dope rich. Now China opens up and nothing happens. The covid plandemic was a weaponization of disease to take the freedom of the people, destroy capitalist democracy. Some of us were vacinated, some not, no difference in the health of the 2 groups. Cancer killed more than covid did, the medical system wrote some cancer deaths down as covid, the case of a young boy with brain cancer came up when the boys sister posted on social media what he really died of. 

Some pictures of operations.


Last win Gainsville Florida 10 Mar 2024

Leanders Bros manufacture racing clutches. We have many wins in Europe and USA. Ulf Leanders who owns a organic dairy farm in Sweden drives the car. Yergen Leanders (incorrect spelling for correct sound) who owns the machine shop where clutches are manufactured is the crew cheif. Patrick is "clutch guy". I am any position that needs doing, well except driving!! Our race car team is from Sweden, Alberta and Ohio. I am very happy to be part of the race car team and major sponsor. We welcome people at our pit, please come and visit. The pit acts like a booth at a trade show.

The objective of the race car is to promote our organic grain sales and production methods, especially in the US. We have developed a no till method of organic farming, see Organic farming page. Also to advertize the website where the "careers" page shows jobs available. We developed protype manufacturing ability in order to build the first specialized equipment for no till farming, we will now build prototype equipment for sale to the public. Next step will be to start mass production. See "combine hot rod" page. click here ,to see youtube for Leanders brothers.

Above is our adjustable concave. It is patent pending. Basically it allows adjustment of concave openings in a rotor combine, this allows changing from small canola to large peas without changing concaves. The prototype has been tested and we are building the first 5 assemblies for our combines. If you want an one contact us.

Initially we beleived the track tractors held a advantage. Fact is they cost about $90/hr more to operate than a wheeled tractor. In wet thick black soil a wheeled tractor will pull more. The young men are teenagers now. Thanks to our school system I suspect they will not consider farming a important occupation when they reach adulthood. The education sysrem must be ran by business people, not lefty liberal cronies or we will not have production. We will have inflation.

Keith Jacobs 1 780 679 8642

Farm general e-mail   jacobsfarmsdaysland@gmail.com