Jacobs Farms Daysland Ltd
Call Us at (780) 679-8642 in Alberta or 928 706 5389 in the USA.  E-mail jacobsfarmsdaysland@gmail.com

We will build prototype equipment for the public. We presently build this equipment for ourselves, below are some of the machines we use.

Third party sales of our manufacturing is done thru company "Jacobs Supervision and Custom Work Ltd." 



We will build protytpe equipment. Below are some of the computer controlled machines we use. Otherwise known as CNC machines. Modern programming is so easy that it can done fast, so even if a "one off" to test a design it can be built faster than a "manual" machine. Mods are easy to do on number 2,3,4 etc and if the part is to be mass produced CNC machine makes it easy. The machine tools are not for sale. 

Below are prototype adjustable concaves. Instead of buying a set of "fine wire" concaves for small grains and a set of "large wire" for large grain this concave is available. Cost is about $1400 each depending on availablity. Changing grain size is easily done with a rachet. Much easier than removing one set and replacing with the other in tight space. We have patent application on this.

We will redesign and or replace most components in a combine. Here we have pulled the rotor and replaced all internal wearing parts. The old parts are examined as to why they failed, then modified and built to better than new specs. When the time comes they will be re-installed. We have some modified parts for these combines for sale.

We redesign the feeder house to provide better crop flow, make it rock proof and get more longivity from components. To do this we install new style feeder chains, install our custom made teflon slider packages, install thick metal below, have the drive system modified to provide longer shafts into the beater and feeder chain drive and install grease nipples. Our combines are 2007 Class 8 models, the last good year for deisel engines was 2007 after that they had exhaust gas recirculation or DEF systems. Of course we have machines with EGR or DEF which give us TOO many problems.

The OEMs do not actually make many of the components on their machines, we source the true manufacturer of the component which will be about 1/3 the cost charged by a dealership. In this case a Carter electric fuel pump.

Keith Jacobs 1 780 679 8642

Farm general e-mail   jacobsfarmsdaysland@gmail.com