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Alberta must separate from communist canada.

Theft and corruption are normal. Daniel Smith and the United Conservative party recieved our vote however we are very disappointed. We were promised our own Alberta police force that has not happened. The RCMP are true dope puppets who can jail innocent truckers but theives do not have to worry, the RCMP tell us they are too busy to catch theives. However they have lots of time for speeding tickets and random stops for a breathalyser test. We can protect ourselves but the RCMP make sure that does not happen. The morons tell us to lock everything up, vehicles are stolen out of our yard in broad daylight as soon as we leave the yard, the theives hide and watch us. We cannot take machines home every night and lock them in a shop, the RCMP are idiots. It is so bad that we lock all buildings and vehicles when we go for lunch. 

Tax on land inflation has just increased to build homes for BLM theives (who else can steal in broad daylight with impunity) and Daniel Smith does not seem to have done anything yet, I hope something can be done.

If canada makes it 10 more years without a financial meltdown/civil war it will be a miracle. We spend much time planning how to survive. The unproductive people want more and more benifits so in order to stay in power the government prints more money and gives it to them, that causes inflation the standard of living goes down, so the unproductive people demand more benifits, the cycle goes on and on. Taxes are raised on the productive, at some point they will leave or give up and join the non-productive. Collapse is a certianty, only question is timing. The 2 most evil words in the english language are "free" and "equal". They really mean communist destruction.

As I travel around the world most cannot understand my veiw of canada as they do not understand how canada really works. IT is NOT a capitalist democracy, there is no such thing as a socialist democracy, if government controls the citizens money then it controls the citizen, elections are held in communist countries! Eastern canada has destroyed its economy in the same manner that california is now destroying its economy, the US federal government will not transfer money from productive states to california but that is exactly what happens in canada. In exchange for the federal government stealing the money of Albertans and giving it to quebec the liberals are kept in power. Add in complete corruption of the Liberal party, so the only outcome for a patriotic productive honest Albertan is seperatism. We do not go to protests, our policy is to be peacefull productive law abiding citizens during peace time, in the advent of war (which has a large probability) we will defend our way of life with the most horrific machines. No foot soldiers, just mechanized death and starvation. WW3 will make previous wars look civilized, think rotting starved bodies, radiation sickness insanity, indiscriminate mass killing by machines. In the end the whole planet will be radio-active, but we will survive. The socialist/communist butchers look at the US, canada and Europe, see woke fools, no woke army can win. If the US and allies go back to being capitalist, merit based democratices the bad guys will stand down. The initial military force a country has is irrelavent (most fighter jets, aircraft carriers will not survive a week), foot soldies are irrelavent, what counts is the ability to develop technology and quickly produce war machines with the new technology. WW3 will be a war of human intelligence. A much better idea than WW3 would be to start a space race as a form of defense. Fighting over a tiny peice of the earth would never happen if there were planets to be colonized.

Alberta citizens fear the woke canadian army. The Chinese look at True dope as an ally.

Historically ALL socialist/communist countries butcher their own citizens and yet we are surrounded by fools promoting such a system. The national socialist workers party of germany (Nazi), the workers paradise of the Soviet Union, the Peoples republic of China and the liberal party of canada are all the same. Give true dope power and he will be no different than Stalin.

In the last 30 years 600 billion net dollars have been taken out of Alberta by commy canada. Just like WW2 Nazi Germany did to occupied countries.

A provincial political party called the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta was formed a few years ago. We will throw our support behind the UCP party of Alberta to prevent a vote split. It has promised to protect us from communist canada. We shall see.

Now that covid is over we can see it for what it really was, a plandemic designed to take our freedom and make some corrupt crony capitalists rich.

Freedom of speech has been destroyed in communist canada, therefore we must publish what is happening on our websites, the main stream media in canada is paid by the government of canada (about 2 billion per year). CBC and CTV are absolute government paid scum speading lies. Anything conservative is called "misinformation". To excell in a physical venture such as farming one must be very understanding of the truths of nature.

See the bottom for a description of our farm.

Government promoted/administered racism against white men is the normal behavior for the parasite communist government of canada. Minorities do not want equality, they want privilige, they want laws forced on the business community that force their employment even if they are not the best suited to the job. Minorities expect many government handouts such as subsidized housing, they expect lower standards for drivers liscencing. Us whites will soon be the minority, prepare for economic disaster, like is happening in South Africa where the power goes out 14 hrs at a time. All should read the TRUE history of south Africa, history has been rewritten so a book from the mid 60's is required. A modern white farmer in South Afica is a foolish man, his life is in danger and his once productive farmland is now worthless.

Open borders cannot be maintained in a welfare state, the immigrants of 2023 are very different from the immigrants of 1900. When great grandfather came in 1900 he expected much hardship but he continued to build his country for his family without any government handouts. Immigration should be based on the ability to make a contribution, now our immigants are chosen because they are not white and vote for communism/welfare state.

I would like to see Alberta separate from canada and join the US. Many would say the US has the same problems as canada with wokeism and I will agree. Difference between the 2 countries is that the US can fix itself, canada cannot. The US constituion is actually designed to protect ordinary citizens from their own government. Exodus out of california last year was 320,000, people in the US are voting with their feet. California takes great pride in being woke, it is well on its way to being very poor/corrupt/dangerous. The most productive are leaving. Go woke, you go broke, california will be a real life poster for the saying. Yes I have spent alot of time in south california.

The CLIMATE CHANGE TAX SCAM must be addressed. There is no man made significant warming/climate change EXCEPT in areas that are excessively populated, like south california. 25 million people crammed into the greater Los Angles area, covering every spot with black ashalt and running air conditioners 24 hrs/day. In Daysland Alberta we have farmed for 120 years, we start seeding when the soil temp reaches 5 deg C, that date is 5th of May +/- a week for 120 years. All seed companies try to engineer for a shorter growing season, the opposite of what global warming would cause. Only people who live in climate controlled cities beleive in climate change, they get this STUPID idea from communist contolled media. Various disasters are blamed on climate change, actually we have  changed to girlie men in our society, if these events happened in 1946 a generation of REAL men would have fixed the disasters.

The greatest next very likely challenge to humanity is starvation, the setup to this is very noticeable in the last 10 years. Yeilds are dropping as the soil becomes acidic due to excessive chemical fertilizer usage much of which ends up in the ocean causing marine life trouble. This problem will fix itself as chemical fertilizer based on fossil fuel become prohibitively expensive. Yeilds are also dropping also as the herbicides become ineffective. Global warming (if there is such a thing) will make agricultural production increase however. Increasing CO2 will increase the temperature, evaporation/rainfall will increase, this is what a greenhouse does to increase growth. But it is self regulatory process as more plant growth will pull more CO2 from the atmosphere. Humanity has too high a opionion of itself, we cannot change the earth over a meaningfull amount of time, our lives are short so we see a small window. 1000 years after all fossil fuel is gone normal heating/cooling cycles (earth did have many hot and cold cycles in the last 100 thou years) will reume.

Second next greatest challenge is WW3 nuclear war, and yes I have worked with radio active sources (natural and electronic) in the oil industry. At least 500 nuclear bombs have been detonated to date with only 2 aimed to kill people. The rest were tests as 15 different countries developed their own bomb. Walmart should have sold nuclear bombs, it would have been cheaper. In the oil industry we made up our own RA measurement, background radiation is about 20 API units. After all the test bombs we could not pick up a change in background RA, however when the chernobl (wrong spelling but only liberals care) we could not calibrate our gamma ray tools with normal calibration jigs, background radiation was too high. The calibration jigs are about 250 API counts at 18 in. So during WW3 we will detonate 5000 nuclear bombs which will raise background to 500 API counts, that is not healthy but it is survivable. But of course there will be few cities left. Neutron radiation/blast will wipe them out. Water protects against neutron radiation and since bomb shelters can easily be built underground most will survive. The real problem will be starvation. Probably 4 billion. I say let us take the 100 trillion we will spend on WW3 and use it to explore space, yes 4 billion will die, yes we will spend 100 trillion but then we should have multiple habitable planets instead of 1 radio active one. Having multiple bases is great military strategy. But then all the worthless crony capitalists/leaders could not look important by attending climate change conferences in their personal luxury jets. 

Third challenge is that mother nature could care less about a human, a solar flare, asteroid or a sting of volcanic eruptions could wipe us out. Climate change will then be REAL. Maybe spending 100 trillion exploring space IS a good idea. 

I would like to see a change to re-newable energy as would most people, I am actually one of the farmers pushing organic farming that uses renewable bio fuels. However I am hooked to reality, us farmers could switch to bio-deisel, I have experimented with some bio-deisel, export of farm products would drop drastically as we burn ethanol and biodeisel. Everything about the carbon tax is a communist scam. CO2 is plant food, carbon is the basis of life, the plant converts Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulphur etc to plant material by using the suns energy and gives off O2 which animals breath, herbivores eat plant material, so the cycle is complete. More CO2 will cause plants to grow faster (CO2 is injected into greenhouses), thus supporting more animals. Carbon Dioxide is not pollution. Even if it was a carbon tax would have very little effect on consumption as the carbon tax mostly shows up as food inflation, are we going to stop eating?! Most people would not know how much fossil fuel my farm/produce trucks consume. During harvest we use a minimum of 1000 gallons/day, a produce truck uses 100 gallons/day, this is just a small amount of the fossil fuel used in the growing/preparation and transportation of food. The virtue signalling communist parasite government of canada causes food prices to rise, they use the tax money to destroy the culture that gave society a high standard of living.

The electric vehicle/wind turbine/solar pane idea is probably just another feel good idea. I see electric vehicles driving around that say "zero emmisions vehicle"!! The lithium in the batteries was mined with fossil fuel burnng equipment, the iron ore/chemicals for the vehicle/wind turbines/solar panels were mined with fossil fuel burning equipment, the manufacturing process used huge amounts of electricty probably generated by burning fossil fuel, the roads were built by fossil fuel burning equipment and finally the electricty used to charge the battries mostly comes from fossil fuel generating plants. So how could any car be a zero emmisions vehicle? The closest we can ever come is by converting to bio-fuels, bio fuel when burned gives off CO2 as does fossil fuel, however plant growth a year previous pulled the CO2 out of the air.

Then we have discussions about nuclear power, I have nothing against nuclear power as long as 2 things are done, one the nuclear plant must be built in the middle of the area wanting the power, so if the good citizens of ottawa want a nuclear power plant, it should be built next to the parliment buildings. Two all costs to get rid of the power plant must be built into the power cost, I have heard it costs more to destroy a nuclear plant than to build it unless the russians do it by accident. Chernobl again! 

Most wind turbines are built by liberal cronies with tax payer subsidies, most wind turbines are energy sinks, not energy sources, they are built with fossil fuel. The real problem is how to get rid of the junk after mother nature rips them to bits during excessive wind, the clean up will cost a million per turbine. Those of us who know the strength of a micro-burst doubt that a structure 300 m tall with floppy extremities could survive. If there was any profitability in a wind turbine we would employ one, oil companies would stop drilling and build wind turbines.

I think the oil industry fixes itself and begins large scale geothermal production. True dope has tried to destroy the oil industry/drilling industry but it will come back. One other development must bother true dope, there is lithium in the deep zones in Alberta oilwells, we do not have to buy it from his chinese buddies.

The electric stupidity shows the sheep effect, it shows the damage done by professional ball and stick sports combined with the media to produce people who have no natural engineering ability. This is all about identity, we identify as farmers and are VERY proud of who we are even though politicians look at us as dumb peasants. They claim to care about farmers, complete liars, ALL politicians want cheap food and energy, translation, the dumb peasants should work for nothing using their children as labour. BUT it does not really work that way, dumb farmers sell out to larger and larger farms using machines. Only good business people survive, once at a large enought size we will put the dumb politicians in their place. Sadly our youth continue to loose their identity, encouraged by the school system to identify as hockey fans and woke climate change warriors. Nothing more sad than a person wearing a professional athlete coat and for a name tag it says "fan". One must wonder the true identity of this person. Huge tax payer subsidies go to billionaires to destroy the identity of the people who actually produce and make the society work. Be proud of who you are, do not be a "fan". 

If there was any viablity in large scale electric machinery the trains would have converted, locomotives are deisel-electric and one coductor is already on the ground, put overhead conductor and run on windmills, hahahaha. A large tractor or combine uses 300 gallons of deisel in 10 hours, no electric system could replace them. Hydrogen is another joke, a hydrogen tank is a BOMB, only well trained people could fuel hydrogen vehicles, sheep probably kill themselves. 

Alberta must leave communist canada and become the Republic of Alberta. Then we would have the option of applying to join the US assuming a majority of Albertans want to. That will take alot of hard work on the part of most Albertans, we are not strangers to hard work, the major industries of Alberta are known for the hard work required in oil & gas and farming. We have all the skill sets required to form a FREE & PROSPEROUS nation. Every occupation from waitresses to lawyers must join us, we need everyone.

In my opionion this is what we must do, I encourage input from all beleiving in a FREE Republic of Alberta.

Steps we must take

  1. The NDP which stands for New Democratic Party has been thrown out of power in Alberta. In reality they are complete communists, the incoming government must investigate them for treason as they aligned themselves with foreign groups in foreign countries and tried to destroy Alberta.
  2. The day after a conservative government is elected in Alberta we form the separatist party, name should be Republic of Alberta party. During the election a party came to be called the "Alberta Independence" party, maybe they are the beggining of a real separarist party.
  3. We pressure the conservatives for a made in Alberta police force and collect taxes here, no federal tax. This has been promised by the present UCP government.
  4. We have a huge outdoor convention at the CRE in Camrose or at the outdoor facility in any other small city for approx. 1 week June 1st to June 7th, the oilfeild is still shut down for breakup and us farmers are finished seeding. At this convention we elect leaders and sell memberships.
  5. In the next Alberta bi-elections we put the full weight of the Republic of Alberta machine and gain enough seats to become the official opposition. Because the NDP are always slithering around in the dark, we write into law that the separation party disolves if there is a chance vote spliiting elects a communist NDP government. The party has not disolved but supports the UCP. However we should be able to move the province to productive values, most of the NDP parasites will leave. We offer the parasite class one way tickets to quebec, better a migration than a war. 
  6. The leader of the new party organizes a meeting with President Trump. Obviously this is old, now that America has fallen to obiden the future is bleak. The objective is to sign a 100% potential free trade agreement and to see if we could use US currency until the Republic of Alberta has its own. American oil production from shale oil does not give it long term security as shale oil depletes so fast, it would be in Alberta's and America's best intrest to have a 100% free trade agreement. Agricultural commodities would also flow north & south instead of east and west, Alberta is absolutey being ripped off by the railways. A produce truck hauls from calgary to san deigo california for 6cents CDN/pound.
  7. Even a conservative government has to stop equalization payment of 20 billion/year to the communists, which goes to quebec. This money must be used to instantly start building pipelines & railways south into the US.
  8. We must draw up a constituion. Basically I think we copy the constituion of the US and put in a few new ideas. Modern western societies are failing because the parasites reproduce faster than the productive people, slowly marginally productive people realize that working is foolish and join the parasites. What system can we put in place that makes it law that productivity is encouraged. I think a simple law that govenment cannot spend more than 10% of GDP. A second law would say that only taxpayers could vote. The end result of the present system we have is communism and economic collapse. The Cato institute has said that the founders of America did not make the American constituion so that government would run smoothly, it was MADE TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE FROM THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT, history has proven that many times the greatest enemy is the government and that is certainly the case with communist canada.
  9. We add a ammendment to the adopted US constituion that say a elected official CANNOT gain weath due to position. Part of the oath of taking office would include a wordwide asset register for the encumbent which would be verified thru government power. Upon leaving office assets are checked and if unreasonable are seized by the government. We must stop parasites like true dope who have no skills from gaining billions from under the table deals with corrupt people like the clintons, george sozos, toyota subsidies etc. True dope is the ultimate parasite, never a real job in his life, enherited 5 million from his corrupt father but probably retires a billionaire even while turning canada into a communist shithole/welfare state. In other words do not get into politics to become rich, demonstrate that you have a valuable skill set by becoming rich before politics.
  10. We must change our immigration laws, pull out of the UN. Each taxpaying business would put in immigration requests, we lack skilled workers, yet we import people who will never get a job.
  11. All citizens will be EQUAL, hiring quotas etc are illegal, as are most other government weath distrubutuion schemes that openly favor one citizen over another. Indians will be given freedom to dissolve the reserves, they will be treated equal, no government handouts. Everyone is ALBERTAN, no first nations, english is the only official language, the Republic of Alberta will make no attempt to use any other language. The Republic of Alberta is a melting plot, the people will be empowered by laws to openly reject any culture that wants to stop the melting pot effect. The Alberta provincial election proves that most immigrants want a handout, edmonton where most of them settle voted NDP who had promised billions in "free" and wanted to become a santuary city. 
  12. We document our culture, we are society based on Judeo-Christian principles, to claim otherwise is a complete lie. A old cementry like the one established by Alberta pioneers at Spring Lake in about 1900 bears witness to the founding culture. We have a law gauenteeing freedom of association in our constituion, it is your right to choose who you associate with.
  13. Canada has held us economic hostage to the tune of at least 200 billion over a decade, now it is time to return the favor, all goods crossing alberta to BC will have a100% duty placed on them. Goods from quebec will not be allowed to cross Alberta, just as Alberta oil is not allowed to cross quebec.
  14. Alberta needs banks, we have 1 major bank and many regional banks. Any bank not headquarted in BC or quebec will be allowed, we will print our own currency within 2 years, using the US currency until then. Alberta has the 3rd largest oil reserves, millions of acres of productive farmland, parks for tourism and a ambitious population. Any bank would see us as a business oportunity, especially American banks whom we invite.
  15. Government funding of media is illegal. Biased social media networks such as Twitter are allowed as we beleive in free speech however if Twitter edits content it is thrown out.  "Hate speech" laws are not allowed as it comprimizes free speech, we have a court system to address slander.
  16. We have a elected senate and house just as the American system has, judges are appointed as in the US. The US is not perfect but it is thousands of times better than the canadian system.
  17. We have a passive military, basically civilians trained to run various war machines. We have very little standing military iron, but rather all the machine shops/fab shops have design and training to quickly convert to a war effort. Winning a modern war is not about foot soldiers, it is about manufacturing war machines. We have discussions with the US in regards to defense, they are sick of free loading canada.
  18. We must address Old Age Pensions, we cannot retire and expect government handouts before age 70. The Republic of Alberta will launch a education campaign expaining how many years of contribution it takes to receive pension for 1 year. The present system is not sustainable.
  19. We must address Medical costs, the best solution is probably a combination free enterprize/government system. Our medical system is the most expensive in the world and produces no medical advances. The workers in a socialized medical system derive job security from sick people, they are motivated to keep people sick.
  20. In the 2022 election the Republic of Alberta feilds a full slate of candidates, a majority is elected, we become the Republic of Alberta. This will not happen, it would split the vote.
  21. We gear up our export machine, oil/grain with lowest taxes and rewards to productive people, life is good.
  22. We must address our school system which is producing left wing zombies. The unionized teachers are teaching the kids what to think, not how to think! I have told kids that a electric car is not really a electric car, none can tell me using engineering data. I ask "So if all the processes that produce the car including the road and recharging systems were built with fossil fuel, how could you call it a electric car!?" None are capable of a discussion or debate as the school system brain washes the kids, it does not teach them how to systematically evaluate a theory.
  23. We must address the ball and stick zombie effect. There is a book written about soveit Russia called the Gulag Archipelago, it tells the story of the purge of russia after the communists took over. One of the things the communists quickly did was destroy the engineering class and replace with the jock class. It kept the people occupied while complete control over them was enforced. WW2 germany gave the russians a severe beating as they had no engineering class. Modern day canada sees huge taxpayer subsidies going the professional ball and stick complex. Main stream media paid for by the government presents the jocks as gods, and uses the following to brain wash the ball and stick zombies. Canada is a uncompetive nation of unproductive zombies. 

Jacobs Farms Daysland is a Alberta registered company primarily in the farming business. We farm 7000 acres of #2 & #3 soil and grow wheat, barley, oats, peas and canola. We are located 1 km north of the town of Daysland, Alberta, Canada. Vistiors are welcome with a phone call, we like to show our organic farming ideas.

We farm quarter NW 22-43-16 W4, it is my great grand fathers (Peter Zimmer) homestead, it was registered in 1902. He came with his very large extended family from Minnesota USA. He was an organic farmer, I suspect I harvest more grain in a day then he did in his life.

Jacobs Farms Daysland is a expanding company, we have buying power to purchase farmland within a 15 mile radius of Daysland, we pay top dollar, please contact us. Most people we buy out are small retiring farmers, we are happy to give them top dollar. Most of the farmers we compete against to buy land are multi millionaires. Bare farm land in the area sells from $5000 to 9000/acre depending on quality. Over the last 20 years land values were rising about 5%/year.  Production is now decreasing, grain prices are increasing. It is the governments aim to have 2% inflation but like anything the government touches, incompetence has caused 10% inflation

This is the veiw from HWY #855 for the main farm house. The physical address of the main yardsite is 45276 HWY 855   

My parents orginal yardsite is 43370 HWY #855, a fine family, the Ryan Erickson family now lives there. My parents put their lives into building that farm, they would be happy. Ty Jacobs farms the land, the back quarter being the homestead of his great great grandfather, Peter Zimmer. That is more than 120 years continiously farmed by one family.

Here is a rough map to get to Daysland Alberta Canada, the farm is 1 km north of Daysland on Highway 855. I think this is 2016, this summer/fall the new shop should be built, it is 100 X 348 feet with the first 80 ft being finished in a matter suitable to work on large machines.

Alberta is cold in winter but we have heated shops.

Keith Jacobs 1 780 679 8642

Farm general e-mail   jacobsfarmsdaysland@gmail.com