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We are hiring, farming is actually many occupations wrapped into one. We do not have "manual labourers" all jobs use a machine of some kind. See various job descriptions below and pictures of equipment to be operated thru the website.

The corona virus will change our way of life. The farm provides a isolated secure work enviroment where physical distance is easily maintained. If a worker wants a motor home can be parked on the farm, this will result in much personal freedom. We are essential workers. As is stated many times on this website mechanically inclined workers are needed, we have no use for "jocks". Grain farming is machine farming.

We do not want girlie men, if the fires that are blamed on climate change happened in 1946 a generation of REAL men would have put the fires out, it would have been just another day for a REAL man. Now we have tough guys/bullies pushing climate change, shutting down railways etc. I expect my workers to make a positive contribution to Alberta and to respect our founding conservative culture.

 We are would like to hire a young person (plus 25 for insurance reasons) that would like to apprentice or is a journeyman. We have a journeyman welder and heavy duty ag mechanic on staff. Duties would include modifying/fixing farm machinery, building machinery that we cannot buy and operating farm equipment. Electronic knowledge is very desirable as most machines are computer controlled. We tend to work alone much of the time so the ability to work safely with minimum suppervision is important. A class clean class 1 liscence is desirable. Winter hours are very flexible, summer hours are long and mandatory.

This website is a oversight of all that we do, if you feel your skill set and value system match our operation send a resume or a detailed account of past work experience to jacobsfarmsdaysland@gmail.com

Wage to be set based on education and experience with tradesmen/engineers starting at $30/hr. Given the meltdown in the world farming is probably the most secure long term occupation. As this is being written the Covid lie is destroying food production all over the world so grain prices are rising quickly. Communism is taking over, it always lowers production.

We have a home in Lake Havasu Arizona which offers much recreation in a warm place during the winter, our workers are welcome of course.

We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to repair most machines. Here we are changing cones and cages on combines.

Above are the computers in some of the machines, the monitor directly above uses Windows XP software, one must understand alot of software to run the machines. Most can diagnose the machines problems if the procedure is known.

Here is what a poor choice looks like!!  Good judgement is needed to run large farm machines.

Running 3 combines and 2 grain trucks, so a minimum of 5 operators are required.


If you are worried about dust, do not be, the young lady running this combine cannot tolerate dust, the cab is filtered.



Learning how to run most equipment is assisted by 2 way radios, because the combines are identical only 1 experienced operator is required


future use

future use

future use


If you can ride a snowmobile higher in the mountains than myself (and many can as I am 57 years old), if you can wrench the machine to keep it running (snowmobiles are not very reliable) and if you can tell me how to convert the above machine to burn pure ethanol (many subtle changes such as clutching are required) then I am looking for you. This machine has a 1100 cc 4 stroke motor, stock it is 177 hp, it is quite heavy so much body weight transfer is required to get it to go where you want it. I want to convert it to burn ethanol this fall at which time it should produce at least 250 hp.

Keith Jacobs 1 780 679 8642

Farm general e-mail   jacobsfarmsdaysland@gmail.com